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Flight in Hot air balloon

First time on a Hot air balloon?

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Funtioning of a Hot Air Balloon

How Does a Hot Air Balloon Work?
By heating the air inside the balloon with the burner, it becomes lighter than the cooler air on the outside, causing the balloon to float upward.
To land, the inner air is allowed to cool, which means that the balloon slowly begins to descend.
If the pilot wants to move in a particular direction simply go up and down to the appropriate level and thus navigate the wind currents.

Before your flight in Hot Air Balloon

How can I reserve?
You can reserve through our website or the phones:
(55) 4747 - 2716
(55) 5331 - 2460
May I cancel my reservation?
Changes and Cancellations up to 48 hours before the flight will have no charge.
What days are the flights?
We fly every day at 7:00 a.m.
Who Can Fly the Hot Air Balloon ?
To fly in balloon you must be at least 6 years old or a height of 1.20 m. to see beyond the edge of the basket and to be able to adopt the landing position.
What kind of clothing should I wear?
Wear something warm because it will be quite cold in the morning, it is recommended to bring a hat or cap, since the heat of the flame of the burner can be quite remarkable.
Do you offer breakfast?
We have American breakfast only on Saturday and Sunday.
Do you have a Shuttle service from my hotel?
We have transportation from different CDMX hotels to the Volare Globeport.

During your flight

How long does the flight last?
The flight lasts from 45 to 60 min. depending on weather conditions
How high does Hot Air Balloon fly?
We flew 1,500 fts. on the terrain. We constantly change in height looking for different wind currents to get to the point we want
How far will we travel?
We will go as far as the wind takes us. Remember that balloons float with the wind.
How many people fit on the Hot Air Balloon?
We have 3 different designs of baskets with capacities ranging from 2 to 10 passengers, depending on the weight and the complexity of the passengers we assign them in our different baskets to guarantee that you enjoy the experience to the maximum.
experience of a Flight in Hot air

After the flight

Where will we land?
We will land in a different place than we take off, we float to where the wind takes us.
How do we get back to the launch site?
At all times our crew of land is pending our flight, they will help us in the landing and return to the takeoff point.
Who are the crews on the ground?
It is a trained team that will be watching our flight from the ground, help us in landing and save the balloon to return to the Globeport